Evgeny Makarov Born 1987. Creating photographs since 2001.

He also working as cinematographer on multiple video and short movie projects since 2017. 

Traveling Russia, Asia, Europe. Shooting mostly far of the beaten path or in the city jungles.

Kamchatka Peninsula, Baikal lake, Caucasus, Kola Peninsula, Karelia, Valday, St.Petersburg, Kasimov, Moscow, India, Paris, Indonesia, Northern Sinai imagery are shown (most of them). 

Commercial photo and video shootings for ICROC, MATCHTV, MTS, RESPIRO.PRO 

Mostly using small 35mm analog cameras for now for his own artistic projects.

Also using medium format, digital, mobile and Polaroid camera.

All Evgeny's prints are limited. Edition of 9, 6 and 3. from 30x40 to 60x90cm and bigger.

His works are mentioned and commended by National Geographic, Polaroid, Analog Forever Magazine,

NatGeo Russia, Flickr.

Monochrome Awards 2020 - Landscapes (Professional) - Honorable Mention. Theatre Of Snows.

RGO IV Most Beautiful Country Photo Contest  - Shortlist semifinal.

There are a lot of his works in private collections. 

Almost all the series are in progress for now.

Based in Travel.



True stories told in photographs, artistic nonfiction imagery.

Wandering and researching landscapes as well as human soul.

Showing the Way People live on that planet and the great vitality of our Earth.

Looking at our place-in-cosmos and how we influence on it (mostly the bad).

Faces and traces of human life around us which making a big impact and resulting in changes at the globe.

Nature is our treasure.